For years I have used Christopher’s Complete Tissue & Bone ointment as a topical pain reliever. With a strained muscle or a sprain, I will still take Advil or Aleve, but I also like to rub the Tissue and Bone stuff on the skin near the pain. Normally I buy it as an ointment in a jar. I keep the jar in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil quickly. It has some white oak bark in it (which I think is an ingredient in aspirin) and some other roots, leaves, and herbs. I decided to try it on my big toe for my gout.

The stuff in the jar I had was starting to smell funny (it expired in 2008), so I went to the health store. I found a massage oil version in the health store, so I bought the massage oil version and the salve version in a jar.  I’ve been rubbing the oil into the skin near the big toe joint in the morning and at night, and it’s helping. Maybe I’m having a very light episode, or maybe this stuff actually helps.